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Social Media continues to word waddle.

a niche in time

Somewhere along this past years timeline I decided it a good idea to spin up a personal blog to use as a virtual closet, saving links, images, threads and thoughts I might find handy...

Here’s why windows users should buy an Android phone

Microsoft updates its Android product line faster

Poll Dancing

It's easy for us as individuals to accept as fact the results of a poll, so long as it agrees with what we already hold to be true. https://qz.com/1942568/how-to-think-critically-about-polls-and-rankings/ Here's an interesting article I found...


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Content test

infected users advised to reinstall their browsers.

Keep Moving Forward

[Revision 57]

SpaceshipTwo: Failure to launch

https://techcrunch.com/2020/12/14/virgin-galactic-test-flight-fails-to-reach-space-after-failsafe-landing-triggered/ https://www.virgingalactic.com/articles/virgin-galactic-update-on-test-flight-program

Nasa’s Big Surprise

What could it be? It’s possible the announcement relates to water ice around the moon’s south pole, considered a possible future resource for astronauts on the moon. Scientists have also predicted that – beneath...