Still Here

  • My Beginner’s Journey

    My Beginner’s Journey

    I bought this $350.00 Schwinn “Hardtail” Mountain Bike from Amazon using their monthly payment option. I figured if biking was wrong for me, I could quickly return it.

  • We’re Walkin’

    We’re Walkin’

    We’ve already been having way too much fun this Summer. Normally a time for us to just kick back and chill out, this year we went ahead and committed to working out at least every other day. Test

  • Summer Salsa

    Summer Salsa

    I started the growing season late due to health reasons, so my pepper plants are going to be about three weeks late bearing fruit this year.

  • First Post

    First Post

    I have no idea why staring at a blank page terrifies me, but it does. It’s often said that with enough practice, you will become proficient at just about anything you put your mind to. This isn’t my first try at sharing my thoughts with the world. And although I have plenty of domains to…