It’s too cold for wrenching, Let’s ride!

You know, it’s harder to get into the writing habit at night. Even for just the prescribed 5 minutes. I simply forget I gotta do it. I mean, the writing is getting easier, it’s just the remembering to do it part that’s slowing my roll.

Today was another one of those laying around type days. It was seriously too cold to hold onto a wrench, and I really can’t work on the Honda with gloves on. I woke up to an 18-degree day, so I waited for the sun to warm things up a bit before going outside. I waited some more. And then even a little more.

It made it up to 38 degrees before I decided to at least try and get a bike ride in around 11:30 or so. Keeping my Long Johns under my bib and a thermal shirt under my jersey, I was pretty warn throughout the ride. Except for my hands, of course. Although not freezing or anything, I think once I started sweating into the material, the moisture got cold in the glove, and all that cold transferred to my hands.