Everybody must get stoned

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Like most of America, I do everything I can to avoid watching those obnoxious commercials and ads for every 11 minutes of viewing time. There’s just something inherently wrong with the idea of having to partake in something I didn’t sign up for or want in the first place. In 30 to 60-second increments, often the total watch time of said ads go well past 5 minutes before finally getting back to the program.

demographic, Before DVR, On-Demand, and Streaming Services, there just wasn’t a whole lot you could do to avoid them.

Subject: Designer Drugs Hawked on Television

  1. How does the subject make you feel?
  2. What are my faves? – Run through a complete example Depression / The ads where users appear to be stoned
  3. Statistics / Revenue / Ad revenue spent
  4. review – take-away / persuade audience to feel like I do
  5. conclusion – Same as it ever was

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