Baby it’s Cold Outside

I’m supposed to be writing at least 5 minutes each day, twice a day, the preferred times being just after waking up, and then again just before going to bed. I really didn’t follow that schedule yesterday, but I did get lots of writing time in. It’s going to be another cold day today. Currently … Read more

Weather or not

See what I did there? The last few days have been pretty cold here in West Georgia. It’s made cycling more interesting but has slowed my progress with the head gasket replacement on the Honda. Today, at the time of writing, It’s a balmy 45 degrees with rain in the forecast. The weather report said … Read more

Blown head gasket

With any luck, and if the weather holds long enough for me to finish today before dark, I’ll get the head gasket replaced on Caleb’s car today. I don’t have any pictures of the job yet, but I’ll take a few as i go and then upload them along with this post. On a side … Read more

I rode today

After church. After going out for lunch. After nap. I rode today. Sure, it was cold. But it felt good to be putting it out there again after a two day break. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I think I understand how long it takes my body to fully recover from riding. — turns … Read more

So what if it’s cold

13 degrees in West Georgia is pretty cold. The wind chill probably drops that number closer to 7 or so. – it doesn’t mean I can’t ride. Cuz’ I am. Greenbelt here I come!

Hendrix on Sunday

“Five minutes twice a day,” she says. “It’ll change your life,” she says… So far, so good. Although there’s been nothing I can claim to be altering, I am happy to report that it is easier to write something down every day. Twice. It’s Sunday morn. Church day. Sunday School, service, then Mexican restaurant for … Read more

It’s too cold for wrenching, Let’s ride!

You know, it’s harder to get into the writing habit at night. Even for just the prescribed 5 minutes. I simply forget I gotta do it. I mean, the writing is getting easier, it’s just the remembering to do it part that’s slowing my roll. Today was another one of those laying around type days. … Read more

A little confused

There’s a lot more to writing a blog and posting to live websites than you might realize. So many decisions that have both short-term and long-term consequences. I started off last week with Blogger from Google, then quickly moved to WordPress. That was an easy enough transition, but I didn’t find any of the pre-installed … Read more

Beauty Pageant

Sharon is a 4th grade science teacher. She loves her kids. Of all the perks, she enjoys attending after-school sports and other activities of the kids in her class. This weekend was a beauty pageant. Little Paisley Young took home nearly all the awards. A tomboy at heart.