Nasa’s Big Surprise

What could it be? It’s possible the announcement relates to water ice around the moon’s south pole, considered a possible future resource for astronauts on the moon. Scientists have also predicted that – beneath...

What is news?

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a story in parts

This story is just about like any other of the countless stories you've read. The single exception if there is to be an exception is that I'm not running up and down the street...

Medieval Images

Check out these new images. Some good, some great. Not a bad one in the bunch. Discord and the Wow server front-end is where I hope to use a few of them. -- I...

Everybody must get stoned

I'll do just about anything I can to avoid watching having to watch TV commercials these days. obnoxious commercials and ads for every 11 minutes of viewing time. There's just something inherently wrong with...

rule of threes

I'm not the superstitious type.

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