Everybody must get stoned


I’ll do just about anything I can to avoid watching having to watch TV commercials these days.

obnoxious commercials and ads for every 11 minutes of viewing time. There’s just something inherently wrong with the idea of having to partake in something I didn’t sign up for or want in the first place. In 30 to 60-second increments, often the total watch time of said ads go well past 5 minutes before finally getting back to the program.

demographic, Before DVR, On-Demand, and Streaming Services, there just wasn’t a whole lot you could do to avoid them.

Subject: Designer Drugs Hawked on Television

  1. How does the subject make you feel?
  2. What are my faves? – Run through a complete example Depression / The ads where users appear to be stoned
  3. Statistics / Revenue / Ad revenue spent
  4. review – take-away / persuade audience to feel like I do
  5. conclusion – Same as it ever was

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