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I want to take a moment and say thanks to all of you that have been there and helped me over the years. Each of you, in one way or another, have brought me joy when all I was feeling was sorrow, you listened to me when no one else would, and whenever I seemed to lose my way, you somehow found my path again, restoring my hope.

— forever in your debt.


I am truly blessed indeed!

If you are at all familiar with my posts and Tweets, you already know how much I care for the wellbeing of people that are less fortunate than myself. – I do my best to keep that in mind when Tweeting, or posting to Reddit and any of my other social media haunts.

If it’s your first-time here, welcome aboard the crazy train!

There are so many things I want to share, I’m confused and don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin.

Maybe a couple of FAQ’s will work:

  • Your posts generally make sense. But every so often, I see a Tweet that makes almost no sense. Why?

There are many, many reasons I post the way I do; all of them different. The majority of the time though, I post to further a conversation; sometimes, however, I post with more nefarious intent. I’ll have either ‘sensed’ a security threat or one of my PC scanners was tripped and I’m on a hunt to track the baddie down. Sometimes using code, no plain English– (even swatting hackers behind the curtain has certain protocol)

But I do promise: Anything ‘really‘ weird you might see is meant to identify and eradicate a possible threat to the Twitterverse. Perceived or real, I’m self-obligated to track, hunt, and eradicate bad guys.

  • ok, but what about those lame ‘not so weird,’ but still a bit cryptic’ posts / Tweets?
Bad guys don’t stand a chance with these guys on duty

Sometimes I need to post ‘cryptic’ but readable to avoid the data mining bots. Both the Twitter and Homebrews bots are royal pains to deal with, but if I want to remain on the Twitter API discussion lists, I’m obligated to report all bot sightings to Twitter Dev. I avoid all that when mixing the keywords in the sentence structure. (It’s kind of fun, actually. haha)

  • so what’s this blog for again?

I thought it high-time I shared some details about ‘who’ I am, what I’m about, thoughts on freedom and liberty, where our country may be headed, and what we can expect in the future. – As this is the first post, I’ll need some feedback on whether or not it’s a good idea to continue. If it’s not worth your time to read, please let me know. For me, Troll-bashing never gets old.

I can give a heads-up if the opposite turns out to be true. I have hundreds of balls to bones TRL stories to share. From Scary SCUBA dives while deployed and ‘How-to’ not lose your Twitter cool while still making your point… ‘How-to’ keep your online self safe… Air Traffic Control Near misses…

…Like I said hundreds.

Or maybe you’d like an all-expense-paid, first-hand retelling of the web’s history? — Yeah. I was there in OKC in full military regalia when it went live. I can even tell you about the OKC bombing. Because I was there. I even have a story of the time Toby Keith stopped into my PC shop to have his 486DX repaired PRONTO. The bus was all gassed up and ready to roll-out as soon as I finished.

Now THAT was a wild time!

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