Farewell to Forever

Sometimes we must make difficult choices that run contrary to our emotions, if not the very fiber of our being. This is reflected in our art, to wit: Also, in “The Talented Mister Ripley,” Matt Damon totally doesn’t want to kill his new boyfriend, but he does it anyway and so he sobs the whole time… … Read more

Since crashing yesterday

Since I really can’t ride today anyway, I’m using the downtime taking to work on Emily. The plan is to change out the Thickslicks for some Vittoria tires, hopefully gaining better traction. You can see a real difference in tread and material. The Thickslicks are basically just a bald tire. Why they’re constructed that way … Read more

I Got Slimed!

The crash itself was pretty tame as far as crashing at speed goes. The irony is the little yellow sign in the middle left of the shot. I’m probably the most careful rider you’ll ever meet, so it was a surprise when I didn’t even see the “wood” colored slime along one of my favorite … Read more


This never gets old. Something new catches my attention every time I watch. The kids are amazing. Attentive and talented. Have a watch and a listen for yourself. You can’t help but catch the excitement.

Being careful on the Net

Lately, warning bells have gone off in my head whenever I get too close to negative or argumentative stories and posts on the internet. Every post and site wants something from the reader. Money, attention, agreement. Or what have you. All vying for your attention using the latest in techniques psychological warfare The “one more … Read more

What a day

I finally got the Honda project under control. It took almost two extra hours for me to remove the exhaust manifold bolts. Then, once I got past that, it turned out I needed to remove the starter to get the head loose. There’s ten head bolts. What I didn’t know was that there is an … Read more

It’s theme day

Another wet morning to deal with. I’ll wait a couple more hours before starting out again on the Honda. In the meantime, I’m practicing my wordpress theme building skills. Most of the images I’ve thrown up so far have been odd sizes. There’s no consistency at all. I threw everything together haphazardly just so I … Read more

A Great Ride

I almost missed out on a great ride today. It was cold and rainy long after Sharon left for work this morning, so I was doubtful I’d be able to ride, instead, I opted to take the car for a spin and pick up this weeks groceries. While I was at it, i had the … Read more